Human Chain against the Violation of Women and Children

Human Chain against the Violation of Women and Children in front of Bagerhat Press Club. Picture- TIB.

Human Chain against the Violation of Women and Children in front of Bagerhat Press Club. Picture- TIB.

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) ‘s sponsored Committee of Concerned Citizens (CCC), Bagerhat’s   formed the recent initiative of countless women and children across the country adibasisaha rape and all forms of torture and violence continue to take the appropriate action to end all forms of violence towards women, severe punishment of offenders , rape and torture of women to demand compensation sucikitsa and 13, and 013 minutes of Bagerhat Press Club on Sunday at 11:00 in front of the ‘Human Chain” programme. Welcome Human chain’s programme concerned citizens spoke Committee (sanaka), Bagerhat, the education sub-commit-president Prof ABM. Mosharraf Hossain.

Manababandhane the baktara government, administration, ainaprayogakari organization, janapratinidhi, political persons, media workers and civil society representatives of the claims raised in that – (1) No fear – fear and remorse over from the Women and Children Act – the 000’s effective I applied, (ii) administration, judicial system ainaprayogakari organizations and impartiality, professionalism and consistency of utkasarta sacetanatamulaka and administrative activities for the side and on the other hand with these organizations in order to neutralism rajanaitikasaha completely uninfluenced by any type of environment you can be responsible. Will bring them to justice those responsible for the barrier, (3) the need to ensure exemplary punishment yaunaniryatanakarira dharsakasaha all kinds; (4) dharsane affected by financial and mental health, justice, and ksatipuranasaha and the government should make sure the ‘bhikatima Support Centre ‘and for this type of event, hatalaina’ to be launched; (5) sahamarmitaya ganajagarane raped by the state and the political consensus with media, civil society, NGOs and the concerned people to take collective action; (6) Mobile phones and the Internet spread like wildfire through the end befitting parnopanyera market and its effective cyber laws should be applied to make sure.

President Prof Abdur Chowdhury spoke more Human Chain’s sanaka, Rights Reserved (list), Bagerhat mojaphphara by the professor, Khondker giyasa Uddin, Member sanaka AdWords: Ramakrishna Basu, former Press Secretary, Mr. Babul Sardar Club, Citizens for transparency (relative) Member Professor saleh Ahmed Khan, Mr. F.. M.. Mostaphijula ​​Haque, female council member, Mr. Kazi rehana rinu Parveen, relative of a member of Mr. Mukherjee, Mr. sanaka member samaddara artist, Mr. Sheikh Shamim Hasan, journalists iyamina Mr. Ali, the president of march female ambiya Khatun, awakening the executive director of the Mr. Manjural Islam . Manababandhane Bagerhat different classes and participated in the occupation and work with people, and claims of solidarity and sympathy expressed.

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